Video Telematics, ADAS and DMS

The Varroc dashcam is a futuristic driving technology equipped with advanced driving assistance and driver monitoring systems, powered by artificial intelligence. It is designed to enhance the driving experience by providing an additional layer of safety and security on the road. The dashcam is equipped with various features like lane departure warning, collision avoidance, and blind spot detection, which helps drivers drive confidently, knowing that they have a co-pilot on board.

The driver monitoring system is an advanced feature that uses facial recognition technology to detect signs of fatigue or distraction. It alerts the driver with an audible and visual warning if it detects signs of drowsiness or inattention to the road. The dashcam is also equipped with a built-in GPS system, which can track the vehicle’s location and speed, and provide a detailed driving history report.

Installing the Varroc dashcam is easy, and it can be mounted effortlessly on the windshield of the car. Its sleek and stylish design makes it blend seamlessly with the car’s interior. Choosing the right dashcam that suits the driver’s requirements can make a significant difference in their driving experience. Therefore, Varroc offers a range of dashcams to choose from to ensure a safer and more secure driving experience.


K17 Connected Speedometer

Dot Matrix and LCD Display with bluetooth enabled connectivity to pair with smart phones for incoming call alerts,social media message alerts , battery status of smart phones etc and enabled with CAN communication for critical data display


  • 1) Good and fast connectivity for user through smartphones
  • Good colour display for easy interpretation for users
  • Cost effective intelligent CAN based communication and display
    Weight : 350 gram
Technology Specifications:
  • Smart phone battery status display
  • Incoming calls Display
  • Social Message Alerts on Display
  • SW and HW version Display
  • CAN controller ABS, Warning/MIL displays
  • Telltale without CAN displays
  • Dot Matrix based warning displays
  • IFE , AFE, and DTE Displays
  • ODO, Trip1,Trip2, Info modes for selection for display