PV Lighting – China

Our PV Lighting China JV with TYC focuses on the design, manufacture, and supply of exterior lighting of Passenger vehicles and after-market segments.

Having established presence in technologies like matrix, xenon, laser and halogen, we provide a large product range of headlamps and tail lamps.

In terms of geography, VTYC has 2 facilities in Chongqing and Changzhou to meet specific requirements of OEMs.


USB Charger

Device used for charging Mobile phones.


  • Constant 5V output
  • Up to 2.5A continuous current
  • Standby mode current < 5mA
  • Over current protection above 3A
  • Configurable UVLO [ Under Voltage Lockout]
  • Thermal shutdown above 160°C
Technology Specifications:
  • Charger with Separate Controller
  • USB Connector Type :Type A / C
  • Compatible With All USB Protocol
  • Auto Detection Feature