PV Lighting – China

Our PV Lighting China JV with TYC focuses on the design, manufacture, and supply of exterior lighting of Passenger vehicles and after-market segments.

Having established presence in technologies like matrix, xenon, laser and halogen, we provide a large product range of headlamps and tail lamps.

In terms of geography, VTYC has 2 facilities in Chongqing and Changzhou to meet specific requirements of OEMs.



C519 ICA Headlamps ECE And CCC

Product Featurisation (Features + Benefits of product) :

high beam and low beam is achieved by reflection. Among them, BASE and Kink are used for the design of LOW beam, the position and DRL share the same light area, and the turn signal adopts bulb,

Technology Specifications:
  • High-Been
  • Low-Been
  • Daytime Running Lamp /position Lamp
  • Direction-Indicator Lamp