We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic graduates who thrive in an agile, fast paced environment and assume responsibility.

Graduate Engineer Trainees

Graduate Engineer Trainees: The GET program which was launched in 2016 is aimed to infuse talent that helps build bench-strength to perform critical functional roles identified for them in the future. We focus on enabling GETs to hone their skills, build competence, and contribute to the assignments with fresh perspectives.



  • I joined Varroc as a GET in 2016. The program gave me exposure to interact with all the functional leadership teams and an opportunity to work on real-time problem-solving assignments. The good thing about this program is the freedom to express views and the support we get for operational excellence. Currently, I am working as a Plant Divisional Manager heading end-to-end operational activities for Magneto. Varroc gives the opportunity to explore new ideas, interact with customers and external stakeholders.
  • Being a fresher here, it’s been a wonderful learning experience. One gets to see the best practices in the organisation. A fresher in transition from campus to corporate has a big challenge to adapt to the change as the travel is from assignments and semesters to teamwork and deadlines. The working culture here is so transparent and flexible. We have mentors who see more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself and help bring it out. Varroc believes in employees and yes, extra miles are recognised, praised and rewarded.
  • Varroc as an organisation has given me ample opportunities to unleash my potential and deliver results with timely support from the management. Varroc has taught me to handle pressure and sail effectively to reach my goals. The GET program at Varroc is one of the best programs designed with systematic approach from the day of joining the organisation. With career progression in mind, GETs are allotted with projects in different departments to understand the systems of an organisation before being absorbed into the system with designated roles.


Management Trainees

We hire business school graduates from premier institutes across India for a strong entry into the start of the management layer of the organisation to give leadership more bandwidth. Our expectations from Management trainees is for them to be keen analytical thinkers, consider long term implications of business, understand commercial priorities and take calculated risks.

Off Campus

We hire diploma trainees from locations where Varroc has operational presence. Off campus GETs go through a training period of 6 months to 1 year after which they are assessed. If successful they are given roles in plants in which they are given unique manufacturing challenges to solve.

Future Leaders Program

We at Varroc are unique in identifying and nurturing talent from Premier B-Schools across the country and we strongly believe them to be the future leaders of Varroc. The selection is based on Annual Business Plan and hiring is decided on expertise to be brought depending on live projects. The candidates in these B schools undergo a series of assessment tests ranging from personality, reasoning, analytical tests, etc. Varroc strongly believes in aligning the organisational goals with the individual goals. Hence, it is paramount to steer talent in the right direction for greater impact. For achieving this, we have focused induction giving MTs the business context, future critical projects, organisational challenges and opportunities. Business Leaders share their perspective to infuse confidence into them that they are aligned with the leadership. MTs are given live and high impact projects. A strong review mechanism is set to analyse and track progress on deliverables, value add in the business, and key contribution made.

Leadership Capability Building

Technology is the game changer for Varroc. Technology also brings in niche skills that are rare to find in the market. However, technology along with leadership competence is necessary for excellence. Varroc focuses on developing successors for critical roles to ensure that there is no vacuum in the leadership pipeline. Varroc invests into critical talent to build fungibility by aligning their potential to Albus – Varroc Competency Framework. It also aims to build capability through blended learning experiences, partnership with Ivy league universities and learning partners. We have mapped Hi-Pots to Critical Roles, identified them on the grid of aspiration v/s ability and looked at gaps to plan for succession and growth movements meeting business demands thereby ensuring we build a strong leadership pipeline.

Your Chance to Make it Big

Varroc at a Glance

In 2016, we launched a focussed Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs) hiring programme to build high performance work culture and infuse new talent into the organisation. Moreover, the idea is to offer you a platform to acquire the right skills, build competence and contribute to the assignments through right mentoring and live projects for a year. After completion of the training, you get placed in a unique role for 3 years.

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