Varroc has proven its mettle in the metallic business by the impeccable design, development, manufacturing and supply of high performance and cost-effective components through environment friendly practices such as Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) in our plants. We are the premier manufacturer and supplier of Precision Forged and Machined Parts for Engines and Transmissions.
Today, Varroc takes pride in being the ‘Supplier of choice’ for leading OEMs, nationally and internationally.
The Transmission Business supplies Precision, Forged and Machined Parts for Engine and Transmissions for 2W, 3W, 4W, CV, Off-Highway, Earthmoving and Oil Drilling application. We make components such as transmission gears and assemblies, crankpins, connecting rods, flanges, ring gears, crankshafts, camshafts, knuckles, front axle beams, hydraulic shafts, heavy undercarriage parts and drill bits & cones. These are supplied not only to leading OEMs and tier 1 suppliers in India, but also exported to Europe, North America and Asia.

The Transmission division has 4 manufacturing plants and an engineering centre in India as well as 2 manufacturing facilities in Italy.
Engine Valves Division: With a market share of approximately 25%, Varroc’s engine valves business is the fastest-growing engine valves supplier in India. Varroc (inclusive of Durovalves) is the most preferred supplier of engine valves today and supplies to all segments of the automotive industry, including 2W, 3W, 4W, CV, Off-Highway, Earthmoving and non-automotive applications. We are one of the major exporters of engine valves to the international markets, where nearly half of our production is exported to Europe and other countries. The division, including Durovalves, has two manufacturing plants and a state-of-the-art technical center in India to provide development and research support to customers across the U.S, Europe and Asia. The Engine Valve division also provides development to realization of high-performance technologies like Sodium filled valves, hollow valves and titanium valves. Lastly, with the acquisition of IMES, Varroc has taken a formidable turn in further cementing our mettle in Metallics to the world.

Forging and Machining Business

Our metallic forging division has three manufacturing plants (in addition to the integrated plant at Pant Nagar) and an R&D center in Aurangabad, India. Our forging business supplies precision-forged and machined parts for engine and transmissions to two-wheelers, besides also manufacturing four-cylinder crankshafts for commercial vehicles and stationary engines. We also supply key products for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers, including crank pins, connecting rods, flanges, ring gears, crankshafts, camshafts, knuckles, front axle beams and hydraulic components to leading OEMs, tier-one suppliers in India and for export to Europe. The manufacturing capabilities of forging include hot, warm and cold forging, heat treatment, post heat treatment machining and soft machining. The division has a crankshaft facility to cater to the commercial vehicle segment. The manufacturing capabilities of the crankshaft facility include forging and testing, and the engineering capabilities include design and drafting, simulation, post processor tool path as well as product design.

Engine Valves Business

Our metallic valves division has two manufacturing plants and one R&D center in India. R&D centers are involved in the development to realisation of high performance technologies like sodium filled valves, hollow engine valves and titanium valves, and provide developmental support to customers in North America, Europe and Asia. We supply to all segments of the automotive industry and have access to major clienteles in the international market given that nearly half of the engine valves we produce are exported. Our metallic valve manufacturing capabilities include forging, heat treatment, induction hardening, pattern hardening, precision machining, hommel inspection and ultrasonic inspection.

Pump gear


  • Power transmission to variable lubrication pump of car engine
  • A noise reduction strategy with increasing the teeth numbers and modifying the teeth profile of the gear pump
Technology Specifications:
  • Outer Dia. 110 mm
  • Width 19 mm
  • External Z = 74 No.s, Internal Z = 14 No.s
  • Weight 285 gm
  • RM= 42CrMo4 + QT, Hardness 32 – 37 HRC
  • GD&T parameters are critical to achieve in manufacturing
  • Made of low hardness material as green part machining GD&T process
  • Precision gear with Ground condition of DIN 5 gear quality


Engine Valve Capabilities

Manufacturing Engine Valves For 2-Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Off-road Vehicle, Markets and Non-automotive Applications

  • Upset & forging
  • Extusion forging
  • Heat treatment of martensitic & austenitic material
  • Friction welding / button welding / stellite tipping / stellite seat deposition
  • CNC machining / profile grinding
  • CBN Grinding- Seat, Stem, Groove
  • Chrome plating
  • Soft nitriding
  • Induction hardening/ profile hardening
  • Final inspection by using scanner camera to inspect
  • Static dimensions and Hommel inspection to inspect dynamic dimensions
  • Ultrasonic inspection for checking bonding defects
  • Magnetic particle inspection & fluorescent partilcle inspection for surface & subsurface defects
  • Eddy current inspection for hardness check

Engineering capabilities include

  • Benchmarking
  • Design concepts
  • New product development
  • Programme managment
  • Material engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Prototyping & manufacturing engineering

R&D Facilities

  • Product design- virtual simulation and visualization with Abaqus to analyse product behaviour
  • Product design virtual validation- engineering analysis with thermal & structural FEA using Abaqus CAE
  • Product testing- engine test bed with Eddy current Dynamometer (in collaboration with FEV, Germany) to validate engines upto 140KW
  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) with EDAX for material characterization, composition & elemental mapping, failure analysis etc
  • Varroc continuously collaborates with customers & research institutes to develop cost-effective solutions for high performance engines


Forging Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Hot, Warm & Cold Forging Processes
  • Dedicated machining lines and plating facilities
  • State-of-the-art pre & post machining heat treatment facilities
  • Controlled cooling facility
  • Online inspection facilities in accordance with the global quality standards

Capabilities to manufacture

  • Crankshafts in the weight range of 40 to 100 kg
  • Knuckles 40 to 60 kg
  • Front Axle Beams in the length range of 1000 & 1800 mm
  • Transmission Gears & Shafts 250 upto to 5 module

Standard room

  • Adcole, Zeiss CMM, Contour measuring eqipment
  • Online SPC, Klingelnberg Gear Analyser, etc

Metallurgical lab

  • Zeiss Microscope & Image Analyser
  • Micro hardness tester
  • Ultrasonic Crack Detector
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection

Engineering Capabilities

In-house engineering center with Die Designing & Development facilities

State-of-the-art tool room

  • Milling, turning, spark erosion and wire cutting

CAD/CAM/CAE Infrastructure for 3D modeling

  • High-end CAM software, like “Delcam” and “UG-NX” for generating NC tool paths
  • NC tool path generation
  • FEA analysis to accelerate response time in developing new parts
  • Metal flow simulation software “FORGE 3” from M/s. Transvalor, France

Machining process

  • State-of-the-art shaving cutter re-sharpening machine for gears as well as shafts
  • Selective automation in the process for deskilling various operations

Inspection Facility

  • CMM and gear inspection equipment

Varroc’s Engine Valve Solutions