Our global lighting business focuses on the design, manufacture, and supply of exterior lighting for two, three and four wheeler vehicles.
We provide a full portfolio of headlamps and rear lamps. With established presence
in key emerging technologies such as LED, OLED Laser, Matrix, we continue to quickly adopt new technologies and grow our product portfolio.
In terms of geography, Varroc is present across five countries. This includes value driven technologies for the mainstream market, to high-end innovations for the luxury segment.
With an objective of establishing and maintaining long term relations with OEMs, we develop and manufacture customised solutions to meet their specific needs.
Our most advanced four-wheeler lighting products like Surface LEDs and coast to coast rear lamps have been developed keeping in mind both safety and styling factors. We also supply lighting products for traditional combustion and electric vehicles – and focus our innovation on achieving unique lighting features and light-weighting


LED Pixal Headlamp


  • Premium Headlamp with Full Functionality and Styling Flexibility
  • Camera Based
  • Adaptive to All Driving Conditions
  • Unique Appearance
  • Improved Visibility
  • Coming/Leaving Home Function
  • Design Dedicated to OEM Styling Scaleable System According to OEM Requirements
Technology Specifications:
  • Pixel Low Beam:
    • Base and Kink Combination with 9 + 27 segments
    • Non-mechanical Dynamic Bending
    • AFS Modes Available
  • Matrix High Beam:
    • 27 LED ADB Segments