Our Global Lighting Business focuses on the design, manufacture and supply of exterior lighting for passenger vehicles. We are the 6th largest tier 1 automotive exterior lighting manufacturer globally and one of the top three independent exterior lighting players.

We are the 6th largest tier 1 automotive exterior lighting manufacturer globally and one of the top three independent exterior lighting players. Varroc Lighting Systems (VLS) has outperformed one and all in the passenger vehicles exterior lighting market and was the fastest-growing among the top six global automotive lighting suppliers from 2014 to 2019. VLS has a global footprint and is present in nearly all major passenger vehicle markets globally, including high growth markets such as China (through our China JV) and India. Our new plants opened recently in Morocco, Brazil and Poland allow us to target 85% of the global automotive market. This division supplies products to a wide range of OEMs across North America, Europe and Asia with a full portfolio of technologies to meet the market needs from cost-effective technologies for the mainstream market, to high end innovations for the luxury segment, to high efficiency and lightweight products for today and tomorrow’s Electric Vehicles.

We have employed the best technical minds to work on future technologies at 7 engineering centres in the Czech Republic, USA, China, Poland, Germany, Mexico and India. In a bid to leverage our manufacturing capabilities and engineering prowess, we collaborate with major OEMs to provide lighting solutions based on the need for high performance, reliability & aesthetics.



Engineering Capabilities

We have globally-acclaimed engineering competencies to support our customers in the development of complete systems. With capabilities in CAE Simulation, Electronics, Styling, Optical Designing, Prototyping & Testing, we at Lighting Systems, are all set to illuminate the future of car exterior lighting.

Behold the Tool Room! Lighting Systems is a full-service producer of tools for the automotive industry, specialising in development, design, production and testing, maintenance and repair of production molds and tools for internal and external customers, and providing consultancy during product development (mould flow analyses 3D models).

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our lighting division, Lighting Systems (LS), is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, U.S.A., which is one of our many technical / sales centres. LS also has technical / sales centers in Novy Jicin, Ostrava and Rychvald (Czech Republic), Velizy (France), Changzhou (China), Köln (Germany), Monterrey (Mexico) and Pune (India).

We have manufacturing plants in Rychvald (Czech Republic), Novy Jicin (Czech Republic), Pune (India) and Monterrey (Mexico), and also operate in Changzhou and Chongqing (China) through a joint venture with VTYC.

Various manufacturing technologies are utilised in the production of lighting products, which include Assembly and testing, Coating – base coating, hard coating and anti-fog coating, Evaporation and sputtering of aluminium, Glueing, Injection molding – thermoplastics and thermosets and Welding – hot mirror, vibration and ultrasonic.

What’s more, our Innovation teams are constantly investigating and verifying the possibility of implementing additional manufacturing technologies.

Lighting Systems is certified according to ISO/TS 16949.