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01 Oct | Varroc-TCPL

The Varroc-TCPL & VW Roof Rails

Varroc-TCPL, inaugurated the manufacturing line of India’s first locally manufactured Type B roof rails.

What is a roof rail?

In India, we foster the tradition of maintaining an extended family that loves to travel together, here SUVs are in high demand and so are roof-rails that allow travelers mount extra luggage on top of their cars.

What is the difference between Type A & Type B roof rails?

Type A roof rails are easier to manufacture and are a combination of painted Aluminum and Plastic end caps, which are prone to color mismatch. While type B roof rails have more complex manufacturing technologies like 3D bending. It is lighter in weight and the complete length is made of aluminum eliminating the need for plastic end caps.

Varroc’s Type B Roof Rails also help us work towards global mobility trends such as sustainability- the products are Anodized and powder-coated which makes it not only aesthetic but also light-weight.

Initially the type B roof rails were imported by OEMs, but we would be the first Indian Manufacturing company to have successfully localized these roof rails and supply to leading OEMs across the country. The first official delivery of these roof rails will be to a German 4W OEM with an order intake of three lakh roof rails a year (1,50,000 cars).

Varroc TCPL designs, develops, and manufactures premium 4W auto accessories for OEMs and aftermarket. The Products are designed and developed to suit Indian road conditions and are known for its quality, elegant design, safety, and utility.

The Varroc-TCPL & VW Roof Rails

Varroc-TCPL, on the 7th of September, added to their threshold of achievements by inaugurating India’s first locally manufactured Type B roof rails.

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