Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Plan (EHS)

In September 2008, Varroc launched a sustainable Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) strategy plan. EHS is an integral part of our core values. Our goal is to be injury-free, while being eco-friendly. We believe in ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle’. Various environmental projects like ZLD, waste utilisation and alternate usage of by-product etc. have been initiated to promote it. EHS focuses on the following key factors:


We foster an inclusive environment that provides equal opportunity to our employees, customers, suppliers and the community at large. We comply with all applicable laws in every country in which we do business as well as with all applicable laws against discrimination and harassment, and laws prohibiting child and forced labour.
Varroc Lighting Systems Czech Republic successfully closed audit of financial statements for fiscal year 2017.


  • Eliminating operational risks by proactively identifying and controlling hazards
  • Preserving the company’s assets and complying with all legal norms
  • Enhancing EHS skills through training and development
  • Reducing environmental impacts and optimising the use of natural resources
  • Preventing diseases by maintaining hygiene at work places


We have implemented an integrated environmental, health and safety management system at all manufacturing plants globally that is consistent with the ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management Systems. This system is certified in compliance with these standards by a third-party registrar, Bureau Veritas. Key to the success of this program is establishing annual objectives and targets and implementing improvement programs to reduce safety risks and environmental aspects of our operations.

EHS Core Values

To ensure compliance with occupational regulations and controlling occupational hazards that put risk to employees’ life, property and the environment by investing in safe and eco-friendly technologies.
  • Communication – Actively informing stakeholders about the EHS guidelines
  • Collaboration – Working as a team (CFT) to provide and implement EHS practices
  • Commitment – Promoting the EHS culture with dedication, proactively