4W Electronics

Our 4w Electronics business works on the vision to ensure Road safety for everyone. Our product portfolio combines sensing and smart lighting control to enable safe mobility for OEMs, tier I suppliers, Fleet management and after-market.

Our product portfolio encompasses lighting electronics, light engines for projector modules, headlamp control units and Autonomous driving assistance systems or camera systems.

Our Varroc Vision systems are equipped to sense and classify complex road and in-cabin conditions, light control systems ensure state of the art lighting systems for improved night vision and Light engines enables advanced lighting functions by energy-efficient light sources.

Working on the automotive macrotrends of autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility we strive to work towards scalable, secure, safe, and transparent products and solutions.


USB Charger

Device used for charging Mobile phones.


  • Constant 5V output
  • Up to 2.5A continuous current
  • Standby mode current < 5mA
  • Over current protection above 3A
  • Configurable UVLO [ Under Voltage Lockout]
  • Thermal shutdown above 160°C
Technology Specifications:
  • Charger with Separate Controller
  • USB Connector Type :Type A / C
  • Compatible With All USB Protocol
  • Auto Detection Feature