At Varroc, we believe in utilising our core competencies to supply differentiated automotive component solutions to leading OEMs in India.

For over 17 years, our flexible and lean approach at the electrical division has enabled us to cope up with the ever-evolving technologies, market conditions and increasing demands of our customers.

With capabilities ranging from two/three/four wheelers (passenger & commercial vehicles), we have developed proficiency in design, development and manufacture of complex electrical & electronics products for automotive applications.

Varroc is a preferred ‘Early Development Partner’ for OEMs to provide world-class, end-to-end solutions in design, development, testing, validations, manufacturing and supply chain management.

Considering the large customer base, we serve, we understand that each customer is different and has unique requirements. Hence we provide comprehensive, custom solutions catering to their individual needs.



Engineering Capabilities

Have expertise in

  • Translating end-user requirements into engineering specification
  • Conceive and develop a new product that meets functional, performance and statutory requirements
  • Products with emphasis on fuel efficiency, performance and vehicle, passenger and pedestrian safety

Our engineering team consists of

  • Experienced mechanical, electrical software and electronic hardware teams
  • Together we deliver cost effective and quality products to our customers
  • Expertise on an array of design, simulation and developmental tools for motor design, electronics hardware, embedded software and CAD/CAE- Ansys MAXWELL, SPEED, OrCAD, P-spice, Creo, AutoCAD, Nastran, HighTec, Trace32, MATLAB-Simulink, NI LabView
  • Experienced system integration team that seamlessly integrates mechanical, electronics and software to build and validate a product

The testing facility comprises of

  • An environmental testing lab for vibration testing – water spray, salt spray, dust test, humidity test, thermal cycle test, thermal shock test, heat test
  • An endurance testing lab for carrying out shock test, bulb life test, cabin lamp- life cyclic test, chemical test
  • An ultra-modern inspection facility which employs Video Measurement Machine, CMM, Trimos and other precision measuring instruments
  • R&D facility recognised by The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India for on-line performance test rigs

Has a state of the art design studio which employs

  • High-end hardware like Wacom22HD and HP Z book
  • Softwares like Maya, Key shot, Adobe suit and Creo 2 for 3D designing and modelling

TS 16949 Compliant Marching towards IATF

A spice–marching towards level 3 compliance

Manufacturing Capabilities

Starter Motor Manufacturing

Automatic Motor Line

  • Auto screw tightening
  • Auto Motor performance & leak testing facility
  • Inline performance check & inline motor leak testing

Automatic Armature Line

  • Automatic unbalance correction
  • Winding
  • CW & CCW turning facility


  • Future POP technology ready, high-speed precision pick & place machines
  • 3D AOI and SPI machines
  • Traceability of electronics parts

Two wheeler Lighting

  • Vibration welding & ultrasonic welding
  • Camera based Beam pattern check bench
  • Metalising
  • Hard coat
  • Anti-fog application

Digital Instrument Cluster Capability

  • Robot soldering
  • Robotic pointer pressing
  • Multi-spindle auto screwing machine
  • In-circuit tester and PCB routing machine
  • Universal functional vision-base dashboard testers

Magneto Manufacturing Capability

  • Spot welding
  • Riveting
  • CNC machine
  • Curing & performance test bench for adhesive curing by IR oven

CDI/RR Manufacturing Capability

  • Automatic potting machine
  • ICT & AOI
  • Future POP technology ready hi-speed SMD line

Switch Manufacturing Capability

  • Actual vehicle load test
  • Torque controls, feeling test
  • Part and process missing poka yoke, plastic welded joint

In-House prototyping facilities for new programs

Invested in advanced equipments (technology machines as well as in-house SPMs) to create smart manufacturing processes with global standards

Starter Motor Assembly